March 25, 2019                     BZH Heidelberg
Jodi Nunnari,
 University of California Davis, USA
Mitochondrial behavior


February 18, 2019                BZH Heidelberg
Robert Ernst,
 Universität Saarland, Homburg
The dark side of the unfolded protein response - Sensing membrane protein crowding


November 19, 2018              BZH Heidelberg
Thomas Arnesen,
University of Bergen, Norway
Protein N-terminal acetylation: Molecular machinery and biological impact


November 19, 2018              BZH Heidelberg
Vivek Malhotra,
CRG Barcelona, Spain
Mucin secretion in health and diseases of the airways and colon


November 13, 2018              BZH Heidelberg
Claudia Steinem,
 University of Göttingen
Pore-spanning membranes: Is this model system suited to address biochemical questions?


November 5, 2018              BZH Heidelberg
Stephan Grill,
 Technische Universität Dresden
Left-Right Symmetry Breaking via Torque Generation by Actomyosin


October 22, 2018                 BZH Heidelberg
Matthias Wilm,
 University College Dublin, Ireland
Synthesising large lipid bi-layers with membrane proteins to study self assembly of membrane based assemblies and their function


September 24, 2018             BZH Heidelberg
Elke Deuerling,
University of Konstanz
Protein Folding in the Cell: Chaperones Acting at Central Hubs of Proteostasis


July 18, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Yongli Zhang,
Yale University, USA
Munc18-1 and Vps33 catalyze directional SNARE assembly by templating SNARE association


July 11, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Sabrina Schreiner,
TU München
How to be(come) a Group Leader


June 26, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Arnaud Krebs,
EMBL, Heidelberg
Understanding principles of transcription regulation at the resolution of single DNA molecules


June 06, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Carl H. Johnson,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA
As Time Glows By: Circadian Clocks from Molecules to Populations


June 04, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Juan Bonifacino,
NIH, Bethesda, USA
Role of the AP-4 adaptor in autophagy and hereditary spastic paraplegia


May 14, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Volker Haucke,
Leibnitz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP), Berlin
Mechanistic analysis of the unique interaction between calmodulin and Orai proteins


April 24, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Christoph Klöckner,
Patentanwalt und European Patent Attorney, München
Patent or Perish - Intellectual Property as an Opportunity for Scientists


April 23, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Maya Schuldiner,
Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Rehovot, Israel
Not all organelles were created equal - uncovering a lipid droplet subpopulation


April 19, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Goran Stjepanovic,
University of California at Berkeley
Molecular mechanisms of autophagy initiation


March 05, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Sean Munro,
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
Capture of transport vesicles at the Golgi by golgin coiled-coil proteins


February 19, 2018                        BZH Heidelberg
Christian Ungerman,
Universität Osnabrück
How to make an organelle fusion competent - from endosomes to autophagosomes


February 06, 2018                  BZH Heidelberg
Ute Kothe,
University of Lethbridge, Canada
RNA modification and folding by pseudoridine synthases


January 29, 2018                  BZH Heidelberg
Harald Brüssow,
KU Leuven, Belgium
Childhood diarrhea in Bangladesh: phage trial and microbiota analysis


June 19, 2017                        BZH Heidelberg
Thomas Langer,
Universität Köln
Proteolytic control of mitochondrial function

May 03, 2017                         BZH Heidelberg

James E. Rothman,
Yale University New Haven, USA
New insights into how calcium controls the release of neurotransmitters

April 24, 2017                        LIMES Institute, Bonn

Christine Ziegler,
Universität Regensburg
The way of lipids: molecular insights into secondary transporter regulation and channel activation

March 27, 2017                      BZH Heidelberg

Friedrich Förster,
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Native machinery of membrane-associated protein synthesis and degradation

March 13, 2017                      LIMES Institute, Bonn

Marielle Köberlin,
Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University
A conserved network of co-regulated lipids modulates innate immune and receptor responses

January 23, 2017                  BZH Heidelberg

Martin Beck,
EMBL Heidelberg
In situ structural analysis of the human nuclear pore complex


November 16, 2016             BZH Heidelberg
Dagmar Wachten,
From cilia to lipids and back: how do glycosphingolipids control ciliary function?

November 08, 2016             MPI-CPG Dresden

Ori Avinoam,
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Endocytic site maturation revealed be correlated light and 3D electron microscopy

November 07, 2016             MPI-CPG Dresden

Doris Höglinger,
University of Oxford, UK
Sphingosine signaling and transport in Niemann-Pick disease type C

November 02, 2016             Limes Institute, Bonn
Bianca Schrul,
Stanford University
An unexpected Lipid Droplet (LD) - Peroxisome liaison: Peroxin-mediated Biogenensis of LD-Destined Membrane Proteins

October 10, 2016                BZH Heidelberg
Bruno Antonny,
CNRS & Université Nice
Shuttles, filters and toll at the ER/Golgi interface

September 29, 2016            Universitätsklinikum Dresden

Paul Cremer,
The Pennsylvania State University
Exploring the interactions of ions, small molecules, peptides and proteins with lipid membranes

September 19, 2016            BZH Heidelberg

Ursula Jakob,
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Maintaining Proteostasis During Oxidative Stress

August 23, 2016                  MPI Dresden
Peter Walter,
University of California, San Francisco, USA
From unfolded proteins to cognition: The Serendipitous Path of Discovery.

July 18, 2016                       BZH Heidelberg

Albrecht Winnacker,
CAM, Heidelberg
Das neue “Centre for Advanced material (CAM) der Universität Heidelberg: Konzept und Status

June 10, 2016                       BZH Heidelberg

Ünal Coskun,
Paul Langerhans Institute, Dresden
Does the membrane hold the key to understand receptor signaling

June 9, 2016                         BZH Heidelberg
Alf Honigmann, MPI-CBG Dresden
Membrane compartmentalization: scaffolds and phase transitions

June 6, 2016                       BZH Heidelberg
Aymelt Itzen,
TU München
Posttranslational modifications of small GTPases during pathogenesis


April 28, 2016                       Limes Institute, Bonn
Thomas Hannich,
Department of Biochemistry, University of Geneva
Ceramides in Anoxia

April 18, 2016                       BZH Heidelberg
Bernhard Küster, TU München

Human proteomes: from basic biology to understanding drug action

April 15, 2016                       Limes Institute, Bonn
Christine Mössinger, Karolinska Institute Stockholm
Regulation of lipid and blood glucose transport across the endothelium by
vascular endothelial growth factor-B signaling

March 18, 2016                    Universitätsklinkum Dresden
Gert Bange,
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Are you stressed? Biosynthesis and regulation of the nutritional alarmones (p)PPG

February 19, 2016                BZH Heidelberg
Michael Kiebler, LMU München

Localization mRNAs to synapses and its potential impact for learning and memory

February 5, 2016                  BZH Heidelberg
Magdalena Schacherl,
Universität Köln
Exploring how membrane composition and structure determine the growth of the autophagosome

January 28, 2016                 Limes Institute, Bonn
Alaa Othmann,
Institute for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Universität Lübeck

Atypical Sphingolipids: Solving the Riddle of the Sphinx Provides New Insights in Cardiometabolic Dieseases

January 20, 2016                 BZH Heidelberg
Sita Schanne,
Department for Key Competences and Academic Instruction, Heidelberg University
Presentation Skills

January 13, 2016                 BZH Heidelberg
Juri Rappsilber, TU Berlin
Mass spectrometry-based protein structures, the furre of structural biology

November 19, 2015             Limes Institute, Bonn
Walter Raasch,
Institute for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lübeck
The brain Renin-Angiotensin-System plays a crucial role in regulating body weight in diet-induced rat obesity

November 18, 2015             BioQuant Heidelberg
Xiao-Fan Wang, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, USA
Glioma-initiating cells and miRNAs

October 26, 2015                 BZH Heidelberg
Manolis Pasparakis,
CECAD Research Center, Universität Köln
RIP kinase 1 in cell death and inflammation

July 27, 2015                       BZH Heidelberg
Valérie Panneels, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Schweiz
Filling the gap between technical assistants and the professor: lab manager or scientific officer?

July 16, 2015                        BZH Heidelberg
Hagai Abeliovich, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Mitochondrial autophagy: How do cells select what to degrade?

April 27, 2015                       Limes Institute, Bonn
Stefan Offermanns,
Bad Nauheim
Regulation of metabolism and immune functions through metabolite GPCRs

April 22, 2015                       BZH Heidelberg

Karin Dumstrei,
The EMBO Journal, Heidelberg
Career Options in Scientific Publishing

April 14, 2015                       Limes Institute, Bonn
J. Andrew Pospisilik, MPI-IE, Freiburg
Towards understanding epigenetic underpinnings of metabolic disease

April 14, 2015                       BZH Heidelberg
Misha Kozlov,
Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Model for ER (endoplasmic reticulum) morphologies

April 10, 2015                       Limes Institute, Bonn
Liana Silva, iMed.ULisboa - Research Institute for Medicines, Universidade de Lisboa

Ceramide-platforms: the interface between molecular biophysics and cell biology

January 22, 2015                  BZH Heidelberg
Christian Rosenmund,
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Molecular mechanisms that Regulate Neurotransmitter Release Probability

December 15, 2014               BZH Heidelberg
David Kvaskoff,
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Profiling of free fatty acids using stable isotope tagging

November 27, 2014               BZH Heidelberg

Andrew Goryachev,
University of Edingburgh, Scotland
Competition principle in cellular morphogenesis

November 17, 2014               BZH Heidelberg
Elena Conti,
Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: the exomone complex in RNA decay and RNA processing

October 23, 2014                   BZH Heidelberg
Suzanne Pfeffer, Stanford University, USA
Catching transport vesicles at the Golgi

October 15, 2014                   BZH Heidelberg
Agnes Speck, Heidelberg University
Karriereförderung und Vereinbarkeit von Wissenschaft und Familie
Angebote an der Universität Heidelberg für Wissenschaftlerinnen

September 30, 2014         TU Dresden
Nicolas Vitale, Université de Strasbourg
Phospholipase D1 generated phosphatidic acid and membrane fusion in neurosecreting cells


September 29, 2014         BZH Heidelberg
Herbert Tschochner,
Universität Regensburg
Steps in ribosome synthesis

June 30, 2014                   BZH Heidelberg

Markus Engstler,
Universität Würzburg
The VSG expression site as global regulator in African trypanosomes

May 27, 2014                    BZH Heidelberg
Michael Feldbrügge, University of Düsseldorf
mRNA transport meets membrane traffic

May 5, 2014                      BZH Heidelberg
Stefan W. Hell, Max-Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry Göttingen
Far-field optical nanoscopy: principles and recent advancements

April 23, 2014                  BZH Heidelberg
Satyajit Mayor,
NCBS/inSTEM, Bangalore, India
Organization of membrane components in a living cell: a clear case for an active actin membrane composite

March 6, 2014                  BZH Heidelberg
Christian Ungermann, Universität Osnabrück
Novel roles of the Rab7-like Ypt7 protein at the yeast vacuole

February 20, 2014            BZH Heidelberg
Oskar Zelder,
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen
Fermentation products - employing nature's biosynthetic power

January 30, 2014             TU Dresden
Carina Zorzin, University Medical Center Freiburg
T-Cell receptor regulation by lipids

January 23, 2014             BZH Heidelberg

André Hoelz, CALTECH, Pasadena, USA
Building the Nuclear Pore Complex Piece by Piece

January 09, 2014             BZH Heidelberg
Sebastian Pechmann, Stanford University, USA
Translational coordination of protein folding and translocation



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